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Your day-to-day will look a whole lot different once you have business systems and processes that work for you.

Ready to transform your business?

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Freedom Roadmap a free resource by Systems Strategist and Intentional Productivity Coach Emilie Gomez

In this free guide, you'll unveil the secrets to creating systems that work for you, so can become the Sovereign CEO of your business. 

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I don’t believe in one size fits all.

Everyone is different and needs a different type of support based on the stage of their business, their business model, budget, tech-savviness and overall circumstances.

That’s why I’ve created these various offerings to support you based on who YOU are and what your unique business needs.

What do you desire right now?


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Soulful Systems™ Audit - A workbook by Emilie Gomez

soulful systems™ audit

Take stock of your current systems and understand what’s working and not working in your business so you’re clear on your path forward.


12-month Soulful Planner by Emilie Gomez

12-month soulful planner

Easily plan your next 12 months in business in line with the seasons and reflect on what’s happened so you can adjust your plan as needed.


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Organise your Google Drive Once and For All - Mini-course by Emilie Gomez

organise your Google Drive

one and for all

Learn simple action steps you can take today to declutter, organise and maintain your Google Drive so it never goes out of control ever again.

(or get it FREE with your Soulful Systems™ School membership)


Soulful Systems™ 101 - A short online course by Emilie Gomez

soulful systems™ 101

Learn how to create systems that support you and your unique brain so you can lead an easeful, impactful and profitable business.

Soulful Systems™ 101 is the first 2 modules of Soulful Systems™ School and some of its resources.


Your Profitable and Scalable Systems Toolkit

your profitable + scalable systems toolkit

The exact steps to take to create systems that will allow you to scale your business and explode your revenue

You’ll not only learn the 3 components that make a profitable and scalable system, but you’ll also be guided to create your unique systems, so you feel confident in running your business, building your own systems and scaling your business.

(or get it FREE with your Soulful Systems™ School membership)

I’ll be adding more short courses over the new few months, in line with the Soulful Systems™ School curriculum.

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one on one business system coaching program with Emilie Gomez

soulful systems™ school

Are you a highly sensitive solopreneur who wants to lead an impactful, easeful and profitable business?

Join us in Soulful Systems™ School to learn how to build a simple, yet potent, systems suite that work for you and your unique brain so that you can finally run your business with ease, fun and flow.

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chaos to calm

Let’s collaborate to build your Soulful Systems™ – systems that work for you – so that you can streamline your business and create the easeful, impactful and profitable business you’ve envisioned.

Investment: AU$3,000
(payment plans available with no extra fees)

VIP Day by Emilie Gomez


vip day

Need to implement ClickUp, set up new workflows and automate your business or create reports? You don’t need a VA or an OBM. I can do it for you in a day.  

Investment: AU3,000/day
(payment plans available with no extra fees)

what to expect when working with me

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I aim to keep things simple - from the way we interact to the systems I create for you - so you know what to do and you’re not afraid to take action.
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I’m trained to solve problems… and I’m also intuitive. I rely on both to support you whether it’s during our coaching sessions or when designing your systems.
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I have my own business to do what I love and have more freedom and fun… and so I bring this in the work we do together so you too can have more fun!
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I’m all for breaking the rules and designing creative solutions that suit your specific needs rather than following the masses and doing what everyone else does.
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I’m devoted to you and your business. I’m here to help you actualise your vision and that means I’m by your side every step of the way.

I also want you to feel that you can show up as you.
That’s why I’m committed to creating an inclusive and equitable business.

Not sure which of my  services  is right for you?

Let’s have a (free) chat! This way, I can ask you all the questions I need so I know how I can serve you best. It’ll only take 30 minutes.