your profitable + scalable systems toolkit

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Your Profitable and Scalable Systems Toolkit

The exact steps to take to create systems that will allow you to scale your business and explode your revenue

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You know it.

Everybody’s talking about it.

You need systems in your business NOW so that you can scale your business with ease and… without having to burn it all down and start all over again before it can grow.

And yet, if you read or hear this one more time, you’ll scream!

You KNOW you need systems, but what on Earth are they? And how do you go about creating them for your business?

you’ve created your business to do what you love

– which is definitely not all this tech stuff! That’s way too boring and scary.

You’re not sure where to start or what support you actually need. So:

  • rose gold tickYou’ve stalked every successful business coach online to find out what they do, but all you’ve learned is that you need systems (and maybe an OBM?!)
  • rose gold tickYou’ve tried every single tool that your mastermind folx recommended, and yet none of them works for you!
  • rose gold tickYou’ve paid for THE system that will guarantee you multiple 6-figure and beyond... more than once, and yet you’re barely making $5K/month.
  • rose gold tickYou’ve hired a VA who organised your files and reduced your workload for a while, but you barely had any work to give them, so you had to let them go, and your business is back to being a mess… except it’s worse!
  • rose gold tickYou’ve hired the tech expert to set up the tool that would solve all your problems, but you don’t know how to use it or how to make the changes that you need now, so you’ve stopped using it (but you’re still paying for it!).

In other words, you’ve tried just about everything under the sun, and you’ve just about given up.

After all, you’ve managed so far without systems… so maybe you don’t need them!


Take a deep breath.

Don’t give up just yet.

I know running your own business can be overwhelming. And maybe even more so as an online entrepreneur where you spend loads of time on social media platforms to promote yourself… but end up consuming everybody else’s content, making you feel inadequate.

So, what if there was a way to:


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understand what systems are and what they can do for you, so you stop questioning why you need them and stop procrastinating about building some
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create systems that work for your unique business so that you can easily adjust them when they no longer suit your needs
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easily decide on the best tool for you - without asking people you barely know in all your Facebook groups “what do you use for…?”
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Let me introduce:

your profitable + scalable systems toolkit

the exact steps to take to create systems that will allow you to scale your business and explode your revenue

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You’ll not only learn the 3 components that make a profitable and scalable system, but you’ll also be guided to create your unique systems, so you feel confident in running your business, building your own systems and scaling your business.

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your profitable and scalable systems toolkit

Your Profitable & Scalable Systems Toolkit includes:

  • rose gold tickThe Business Systems Starter Guide where you’ll learn the importance of having systems early on in your business and the 3 components that make a successful system
  • rose gold tickThe Build Your Systems Workbook where you’ll be guided to design your own unique system using the 3 elements from the Business Systems Starter Guide
  • rose gold tickThe Tool Selector to help you pick the right tool for your business
  • rose gold tickThe 5 Systems Every Booked-Out Solopreneur Needs guide to inspire you and help you get started on your systems creation journey

Your Profitable & Scalable Systems Toolkit is a one-off investment. And yet, you’ll refer to these guides and workbooks again and again to create and improve your systems as your business grows.

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your investment

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In case we haven’t met…

I’m Emilie

I’m a Business Systems Strategist, Intentional Productivity Coach, and ClickUp Alchemist.

I work with changemakers and rulebreakers who want to run their business with ease, fun and focus so they’re free to change the world.

I spent 13 years as a Process Improvement Specialist and IT Analyst, along with running my own coaching and healing business for 8 years before I had an eye-opening, in-person workshop as part of a soulful mastermind. It was then that I realised my superpower – during a session on all things processes and systems.

I asked myself, “what if I could support my sisters to delight their customers, create flow and space, and spend their time doing what lights them up…while I help them streamline and automate all the ‘tech’ that drains them?”

So…I did just that!

Now, I put my skills to use to support changemakers and rulebreakers in creating businesses that flow seamlessly and expand sustainably.

I take a holistic approach to business and weave in my experience as a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer to empower my clients to be intentionally productive and reach the next level with potent systems and processes.

Emilie Gomez Systems Alchemy VIP Day

Your Profitable + Scalable Systems Toolkit
isn’t for everybody.

You might want to give it a miss if…

  • neutral crossYou don’t have time to reflect and journal on your business
  • neutral crossYou don’t want to do your own research when it comes to picking the right tool to support you
  • neutral crossYou’d rather talk to someone to find out what you need to do*
  • neutral crossYou’d rather someone did it all for you*
  • neutral crossYou’re looking for THE one system that will solve all your business problems

*I can do this for you here and here.

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On the other hand, it’s perfect for you if…

  • neutral tickYou’re willing to spend some time figuring out what works best for you
  • neutral tickYou’re happy with trying out things and adjusting as you go
  • neutral tickYou want to feel empowered and learn about systems

Questions you might have before purchasing
Your Profitable + Scalable Systems Toolkit

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How will I know if the system I’ve created is “right”?

There’s no such thing as the “right” or “perfect” system. You’ll know you’ve created a system that works for you when you no longer procrastinate, you stop doing the same thing over and over again (but with slight tweaks along the way), or when you stop reinventing the wheel every single time.

What happens after I click “Buy”?

You’ll be taken to the checkout page. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll also receive 2 separate emails:

  • a payment receipt for your records
  • an invite you to join The Soulful Systems™ Circle on Heartbeat where the course is hosted

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