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Turn your business chaos into simple systems and actualise your vision for the world

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Freedom Roadmap a free resource by Systems Strategist and Intentional Productivity Coach Emilie Gomez

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Emilie Gomez Systems Strategist and Productivity Coach

hi, I’m emilie.

(but you can call me Em)

I’m a Business Systems Strategist, Intentional Productivity Coach & Clickup Alchemist.

I’m devoted to supporting changemakers and rulebreakers, like you, be intentionally productive and run their business with ease, fun and focus, so they’re free to change the world.

I quietly and intuitively guide you to simplify and transform your business, so it flows seamlessly and expands sustainably and you’re empowered to serve more clients or launch courses and programs without feeling like you’re dropping balls, missing deadlines, or burning yourself out.

What I stand for:

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The expression of the Divine Masculine, structure is about creating a safe container for you to express yourself fully and easily through your business.

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Systems are the backbone of your business so you can run your business easily without reinventing the wheel and second-guessing yourself.

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Let’s keep things simple and streamlined (yet potent), so you feel empowered to run your business your way.

– and I want to bring these things into your business too.

With all the noise in this online world, I know how easy it can be for us to overcomplicate things – and lose ourselves and our spark for our business in the process.

That’s where I come in…

“I’m the person you can trust to explore and optimise your business operations with compassion, creativity, and curiosity…all backed up with a powerful serving of strategy.”

Together, we take a good look at your day-to-day and your whole business and see how we can make things simpler and more fun.

my story

For 8 years, I held the vision that I was here to help women as a healer.

At first, this was through life coaching and NLP, and then through crystal healing. Over the years I worked with eDISC, yoga, crystal healing, meditation, Reiki, and essential oils with my clients.

Every new qualification was the opportunity to relaunch my business and showcase my new services.

Each relaunch consisted of redoing my branding, rebuilding my website and creating new systems. Rinse and repeat!

It wasn’t until an eye-opening, in-person workshop as part of a soulful mastermind that I realised my superpower – during a workshop that was all about processes and systems.

Not only did I find myself excited by everything we talked about during that workshop, I also realised that many of my fellow women entrepreneurs didn’t like this part of their business.

Emilie Gomez Systems Strategist and Productivity Coach The Farm Byron Bay

In fact, they were struggling to figure out how to;

  • neutral asteriskMake sense of all the tools and applications available,
  • neutral asteriskPrioritise which order to implement and invest in, and
  • neutral asteriskProject manage this business-wide overhaul along with all the other growth and momentum going on...

All I wanted to do was offer my help!

But no-one knew me this way…how could a crystal healer possibly know about (and love!) systems and processes?!
The truth is…that’s exactly what I’d been doing in my ‘other’ life for the past 13 years: working in corporate roles as a management consultant, business process analyst and process improvement specialist.

I realised that despite all the years rejecting my career, the corporate world, and all it represents…I still loved my job.

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There was no denying it – I loved problem-solving and I was a natural at it. Taking a step back to see how everything worked before going in to optimise, simplify and put everything in flow – it gave me JOY.

I felt into that joy so much that when I returned home from the workshop, I spent an entire weekend creating a custom-CRM system to make sure my clients would have the best experience from the moment they signed up!

I loved every minute of it.

So I thought: what if I could do this all the time?

What if I could support other women business owners to delight their customers, create flow and space, and spend their time doing what lights them up…while I take care of all the “tech” and project management that drain them?

I took a leap of faith, closed my healing business for good and ever since, I’ve been working alongside healers, coaches and heart-centred business owners – supporting them in my zone of genius so they can thrive in theirs.

I’d love to help you thrive in your zone of genius too.

I’m here to help you become intentional productive and regain control of your day-to-day, bring the fun back into your business, and release the resistance of reaching your next level.

Here’s how I can support you

as your Systems Strategist or Intentional Productivity Coach

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Ready to transform your business?

Download your Freedom Roadmap

Freedom Roadmap a free resource by Systems Strategist and Intentional Productivity Coach Emilie Gomez

In this free guide, you'll unveil the secrets to creating systems that work for you, so can become the Sovereign CEO of your business. 

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Soulful Systems™ School

Are you a highly sensitive solopreneur who wants to lead an impactful, easeful and profitable business?

Join us in Soulful Systems™ School to learn how to build a simple, yet potent, systems suite that work for you and your unique brain so that you can finally run your business with ease, fun and flow.

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Fun Facts

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I grew up in a small village 50-km north of Paris (France), but both my parents and my maternal ancestors (all the way back to the 1500s) are from Burgundy.
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I’m vegan and I don’t drink alcohol. Most people are surprised by this (since I’m French), but no, I don’t miss the croissants and lavish food. I was never a big fan to start with! Vegan nachos on the other hand…
my rabbits odin and frea
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I have 2 fur babies – a couple of very adorable (and naughty) rescue bunnies, Odin and Frea. If I’m on a Zoom call with you, they’re probably sleeping under my bed. (Sadly, Frea past away in Feb 2023.)
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I lived in Barcelona before moving to Australia. I moved there for a work placement as a process engineer. In real speak: I wrote a program for a machine that tested air conditioning systems (thrilling, right?) so someone didn’t have to constantly be there, monitoring a machine all day long. (...Imagine what that could look like in *your* business!)
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I always knew that I wouldn’t stay in France and I had a dream as a little girl about Australia. I forgot all about that dream until I was 20! Eighteen months later, I packed my bags and moved to Sydney.
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I trained as an engineer and have two master degrees from two universities – one in mechanical engineering, and the other in manufacturing engineering and management. Safe to say my brain is now thoroughly programmed to create systems and processes that *actually* work!

The experiences I bring together to support you and your business:


Who I am… really


  • Taurus, Cancer Rising, Moon in Sagittarius
  • Alchemist, Creative Engineer, Companion, Sage (with a touch of Angel)
  • Introvert
  • Enneagram: 9 – The Peacemaker
  • Generator, ⅖ with Sacral Authority
  • INFP-T
  • Life Path 1 – Path of the Pioneer
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