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Streamline your business + make it work for you

so you feel safe and grounded as it grows

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Running your business feels so hard right now!

Your business feels messy – you create everything in a rush, and there’s no cohesion whatsoever.

And so…

You procrastinate a fair bit – it takes you forever to get started on anything because you know how hard it’ll be to get it done or simply don’t know where to start.

And so…

You live in constant overwhelm – you keep beating yourself up about all the stuff you were supposed to do while you can’t stop thinking about all the things you still have to do.

You’re starting to question this whole business thing – are you really cut out for it?

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what you want is simple.

You want to grow your business without sacrificing your integrity and everything you stand for, your health, your relationships… your life!

You want to feel safe and grounded as you build and grow your business.

Concretely, you want to feel:

  • magenta tickOrganised - find what you need in seconds rather than constantly scramble through a ton of files, notes and ideas
  • magenta tickIntentional - everything you do in your business contributes to your broader vision. You don't do things because you "have to" but because you "want to".
  • magenta tickConfident in your ability to deliver results for your clients and support them from start to finish in a way that works for both of you.
  • magenta tickEmpowered to run your business your way so it truly supports you (whether you have a chronic illness or a neurospicy brain)

Lovely, that’s what systems (and more specifically, Soulful Systems™) can do for you.

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I’d like to invite you to work with me in:

chaos to calm

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A private coaching program to collaborate with me and build your Soulful Systems™ – systems that work for you – so that you can streamline your business and create the easeful, impactful and profitable business you’ve envisioned.

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“I feel much more organised”

When I reached out to Emilie, I was struggling to take intentional action in my business. I’d just finished a mastermind to support me heading in a new direction in my business but I still felt scattered about how to actually implement my new strategy.

Throughout the program, Emilie made me feel heard and supported me to find systems and processes that work for me. She acknowledged that we all have different ways of working and encouraged me to honour my uniqueness instead of trying to fit me around a particular system.

Now that I’ve completed the program, things in my business feel easier. I’ve mapped out my processes so I can support my audience and customers in a way that feel good to me. And I’ve implemented systems that are helping to free up my brain and make me more productive in my business (& life!).

I feel much more organised already and have a plan to make things even more streamlined in future.

Sarah McLean (she/her)
Empowerment Coach at Proud Happy Brave

Sarah McLean from Proud Happy Brave

Here’s what’s included:

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6 private coaching sessions

to define what you need and design your systems together
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Unlimited Support between sessions

via Voxer or email so you can ask me all your systems and tech questions
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FREE access to Soulful Systems™ School

for 3 months so you can learn even more about building systems that work for you (valued at AU$400)
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Bespoke resources and training

created just for you as needed during our time together

You can customise your package to suit you and your needs:

session format

Sessions can be over Zoom (with or without video), Walk + Talk or via Voxer. Each session can be a different format!

session frequency

We can go as fast or as slow as you want. You have 3 months from your enrolment to book all your sessions.

Michelle Stark from Aleph Studio

“I was daunted and scared at first, but felt completely supported, understood – and actually inspired – at the end!”

Before booking my session with Emilie, I knew I needed to put some systems in place (esp. around onboarding, contracts and timelines) but I have ZERO interest or motivation to spend time on this. I was afraid of coming across as too ‘clinical’ – I’m hugely personable and don’t love the idea of automated messages.

The funny thing is, by the end of filling out the Systems Audit, I was excited at the idea of finally having systems (and even automation!).

The 90-min session was inspiring and grounding. The general wisdom shared about managing my workload, email marketing, breakdown of project management tools and how they can help keep all my business stuff in one central place was so enlightening.

Since the session, I’ve tweaked some of my apps and have started setting up an overall biz management hub. I also feel more organised – I know where key information is kept, and it’s opened my mind to ways to improve organisation.

Michelle Stark (she/her)
Visionary Designer at Aleph Studio


chaos to calm

Let’s collabotate to streamline your business and create the easeful, impactful and profitable business you’ve envisioned.

Pay in full




Payment plan


3 x AU$1,667
3 x AU$1,000


Extended plan


6 x AU$834
6 x AU$500


Only 3 spots available. The price will go up once all 3 spots have been taken.

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Emilie

I’m a Soulful Systems™ Mentor and Intentional Productivity Coach

I work with highly sensitive women who want to lead impactful, easeful and profitable businesses.

After 13 years as a Process Improvement Specialist and IT Analyst, alongside 8 years of running my own coaching and healing business, I now use my skills to support impact-driven business owners in creating businesses that flow seamlessly and expand sustainably.

Through strategic systemisation, process design and coaching, I make my clients’ day-to-day simpler and more enjoyable so that they feel free and fired up to actualise their vision for the world.

I take a holistic approach to business and weave in my intuition and experience as a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner to empower my clients to create businesses that work for them and reach the next level with potent systems and processes.

Emilie Gomez Systems Alchemy VIP Day

Chaos to Calm isn’t for everybody.

You might want to give it a miss if…

  • neutral crossYou want a cookie-cutter approach – this isn’t what we do here (or in any of my programs). I provide suggestions and templates based on my years of experience BUT we’ll almost always need to adapt them to your circumstances.
  • neutral crossYou’re still figuring out your offerings. Of course, you need systems too, but my membership, Soulful Systems™ School, may be a better fit for you at this stage.
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On the other hand, it’s perfect for you if…

  • neutral tickYou’ve been managing your business chaos for some time, and you’re fed up with it. You want to make running your business easier.
  • neutral tickYou’re ready to show up fully and do the work (however uncomfortable it may be), knowing that I’ll be there to support you along the way (that includes tech support too!)

“I’m entirely BLOWN AWAY by how much impact Emilie has had on my business.”

I feel like I’m finally providing my business with what it’s been so desperate for…a way of working that actually allows me to move FORWARD on what I say I want to do instead of feeling sad and frustrated about all the things on the ‘one day’ list.

As well as seeing my bigger business visions come to fruition, I’ve noticed that now I’m able to support my clients better than ever. Streamlined systems and processes that are bespoke to me and my style = a whole lot more flow and ease in my day.

My only regret about working with Emilie is that I didn’t decide sooner.

Miish Grixti (she/her)
Copywriting Coach at

Miish Grixti

Questions you might have before enrolling in  Chaos to Calm

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When are the coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are available on:

  • Monday, 4:30 – 7 pm
  • Thursday, 6 – 8 pm
  • Every other Friday, 8 am – 4 pm

Times are AEST  (Sydney).

How often are the sessions?

It’s up to you!

You have 3 months from your enrolment to book all 6 sessions.

You can book them weekly or every 2 weeks. Or you can book 3 sessions, have a little break and then book the last 3.

It’s totally up to you. I don’t know what’s happening in your life and business right now and want to give you the space you need to do this work.

Don’t worry, though – I’ll send you reminders to make sure you book all your sessions before the end of your 3 months.

Where do the sessions take place?

Once again, it’s up to you.

I want to give you the flexibility that you need, so here are 3 options:

  • Zoom (with or without video)
  • Walk + talk – we’ll use Zoom, but with voice only. I find ideas flow better when I walk.
  • Voxer – we’ll message (text and voice) so you have more time to ponder my questions.

You don’t have to pick one format only. Choose what you need at the time.

How long are the sessions?

All Zoom sessions (at your desk and Walk + Talk) are 1 hour whereas Voxer sessions are 3 hours (as they are asynchronous).

What happens after I enrol?

You’ll receive a confirmation email from me with your next steps, which include booking your session and filling out a short intake form.

Still have questions?

Let’s chat or use the button in the bottom right corner to message me your questions.

Maree Eddings

“My business now has automation from end to end”

Working with Emilie has ensured my business has a strong foundation. They say having a structure gives you freedom and Emilie has definitely guided me to build that in my business. My business now has automation from end to end and I have more time, energy and focus to build my business. If you have an online business and you want to feel connected, free and successful then you need to work with Emilie.

Maree Eddings (she/her)
Change Leader at


chaos to calm

Let’s streamline your business and create the easeful, impactful and profitable business you’ve envisioned.

Pay in full




Payment plan


3 x AU$1,667
3 x AU$1,000


Extended plan


6 x AU$834
6 x AU$500


Only 3 spots available. The price will go up once all 3 spots have been taken.