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A VIP Experience to build your bespoke systems so that you can bring your vision to life and manage your business with ease

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You know your business could be running a whole lot smoother than it is right now.

Your onboarding process is living proof of that.

You have so many things to do when a client signs up…

…from creating and sending a contract…
…to sending them a personalised welcome kit…
…to all the extra stuff you have to do in the background to get yourself ready.

It’s not hard, but there’s so much to do; it’s time-consuming… and overwhelming! You’re not sure where to start either (although you’ve done it a hundred times). It’s not documented anywhere so you feel like you’re recreating the process every single time. You’ve got other things to do right now, so you’ll do this tomorrow instead.

Tomorrow comes and you go through the same thought cycle.


you get to it because you’re starting to feel guilty and you’re worried your client will change their mind about working with you. You’re frustrated with yourself that it took you so long to get to it.

As you work through your onboarding process you’re frustrated…

  • rose gold tickIt’s manual and clunky – it takes forever to get through all the steps.
  • rose gold tickYou have to use a dozen apps to make it happen – contract, invoicing, welcome kit...
  • rose gold tickYou’re worried your client on the other end is confused – you hope this experience won’t deter them from working with you.

By the time you’re done, you’re exhausted. You feel like you’ve spent your whole day on it and you wish someone could do this for you next time.

You need to be able to get from a potential client booking a discovery call…to having your first session without it taking 2.5 days’ worth of work just to onboard them.

Maybe you’ll hire a Virtual Assistant, or better an Online Business Manager! Actually, isn’t that what your business coach told you to do?

May I stop you right there, Lovely?

Hiring a VA (or an OBM) to take care of all the tasks is just a  band-aid solution.

It’s not addressing the deep-rooted issues that your process is overcomplicated and highly manual.

Yes, a VA or OBM will take work off your plate. But all you’ll do is pass the stress and overwhelm to someone else. They’ll be so busy doing all the things that they won’t have time to take a step back and optimise your systems. And let’s face it, it’s not their area of expertise either.

What you need is someone who can look at your business with a critical eye and create bespoke systems that:

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Save your precious brain energy
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Cut down the amount of time things take to get done
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Make everything flow with ease

…so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius.

imagine this…

A new client says yes to working with you. Instead of the usual dread that overtakes you thinking about all the things you have to do to onboard them, you’re actually super excited and can’t wait to get started.

You kick off your onboarding process straight away.

Everything is documented, so it’s super simple to execute.

Plus, it’s more streamlined. You’re not constantly switching between platforms like you used to. You only work with a couple of platforms now and they’re a joy to use.

This feels so much easier and so much more fun!

As you press send on the onboarding email, you notice how little time it took to perform the whole process. You’re also aware of how relaxed you feel. You chuckle as you remember how you used to hate this part of your business and how stressed out you used to me. What a contrast!

You close your eyes and thank your guides for this transformation.

You pick up your phone and send a text message to your System Strategist to thank her for making your onboarding system so easy and bringing the fun back in your business.

As you press send you asked yourself: why didn’t you hire her sooner?!

That’s the question most of my clients ask themselves at the end of their VIP Experience.

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Emilie

I’m a Business Systems Strategist, Intentional Productivity Coach, and ClickUp Alchemist.

I work with changemakers and rulebreakers who want to run their business with ease, fun and focus so they’re free to change the world.

I spent 13 years as a Process Improvement Specialist and IT Analyst, along with running my own coaching and healing business for 8 years before I had an eye-opening, in-person workshop as part of a soulful mastermind. It was then that I realised my superpower – during a session on all things processes and systems.

I asked myself, “what if I could support my sisters to delight their customers, create flow and space, and spend their time doing what lights them up…while I help them streamline and automate all the ‘tech’ that drains them?”

So…I did just that!

Now, I put my skills to use to support changemakers and rulebreakers in creating businesses that flow seamlessly and expand sustainably.

I take a holistic approach to business and weave in my experience as a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer to empower my clients to be intentionally productive and reach the next level with potent systems and processes.

Emilie Gomez Systems Alchemy VIP Day
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Introducing my VIP Experience:

systems alchemy

A full day dedicated to designing and implementing the bespoke systems that will bring your vision to life and save you time, money + energy.

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This is not your typical “Done For You” deal. You get my 13-year experience as a process and IT analyst to cast a critical eye on your business and streamline your systems and processes so that running your business becomes easier and you can take your business to the next level.

After Systems Alchemy, you’ll have:

  • rose gold tickStreamlined systems so that you stop avoiding parts of your business for fear that they’ll take too long or you’ll break something
  • rose gold tickDocumented processes so that you can simply follow steps and stop overthinking what needs to be done next.
  • rose gold tickMore time to spend on those tasks that bring you joy, such as working with clients and creating content.
  • rose gold tickPeace of mind, knowing you have systems and processes tailored to you and your business so that you feel supported and empowered to run your business your way.
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jean sum

“Emilie has immense capabilities to fastrack and put the building blocks in place very quickly”

When I found Emilie, I was looking for a heart-led woman to support me with the technical aspect of my business. I was transitioning from pro bono to a business model and wanted to create a paid mentoring program and a supportive community for Asian-Australian Women. Emilie very quickly connected with my vision and understood my approach to use tools created by more socially conscious companies.

Emilie guided me in shaping my thinking around the next stage of Sum of Jean, and created the system to support me in this transition. My backend systems work beautifully together and are scalable. Things I’d never thought of are in place, and I can now grow my business with the knowing that the systems and processes will enable this. The booking and video conference systems talk seamlessly, and it feels professional when women can just book in and everything is set up.

Jean Sum

Here’s how  Systems Alchemy works:

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(when you’re ready)

to assess whether Systems Alchemy is right for you
and how many Implementation Days are required

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90-min Deep Dive

(Monday or Tuesday)

to share your business vision so that I can design and implement your bespoke systems on Implementation Day.

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Information Gathering

(Within 2 Weeks)

A few days for you to get ready and send me all the information I need to work my magic on Implementation Day (e.g. copy, access...). I’ll send you a complete list within 24 hours of the Deep Dive.

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Implementation Day

(Wednesday or Thursday)

Time for me to work my magic. We won’t meet on that day, but I’ll be in touch at the end of the day to let you know everything I’ve done so you can review before the Showcase.

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60-min Showcase

(Thursday or Friday)

I’ll show you your new systems and explain how everything works so you feel confident about using them. It’s your time to ask questions. This is recorded so you can refer to it later if need be.

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(3 rounds)

to iron out anything that’s not working as expected.

your investment

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

3 x AU$600*

(every 2 weeks)
*This doesn’t include any tools that you may need to register for or upgrade.

“My business now has automation from end to end”

Working with Emilie has ensured my business has a strong foundation. They say having a structure gives you freedom and Emilie has definitely guided me to build that in my business. My business now has automation from end to end and I have more time, energy and focus to build my business. If you have an online business and you want to feel connected, free and successful then you need to work with Emilie.

Maree Eddings

maree eddings

The Systems Alchemy Implementation Day is (up to) 7 hours of my time dedicated to supporting you with all your tech and systems needs

Here’s what I could be working on during those 7 hours:

  • rose gold tickDesigning your client onboarding process (from signing contracts to sending invoices to collecting your client information) and implementing the tools to enable this process, OR
  • rose gold tickCreating your sales page for your next launch, setting up the required payment systems and integrating your onboarding process, OR
  • rose gold tickSetting up your course platform and your new program, and integrating your email marketing platform so that you can email the participants as needed.

These are just examples of what I’ve done for clients in one Implementation Day. We’ll talk about your needs during the Deep Dive so you know how many Implementation Days you’ll need and what you’ll get at the end of your VIP Experience.

lisa kotz with magenta heart

“Emilie and I collaborated to achieve what I had in my head.”

When I reached out to Emilie, I was wanting to launch my free quiz, improve my website and get ready to launch my new coaching offering. I had just realised there was too much for me to learn and complete by myself, and I needed help.

We achieved all this and more! My client information is now organised. I also have reporting in place to easily track how many sessions are left and the payment status of each client. It helps my brain to not worry about those things and I can concentrate on content and client relationships first.

My systems feel more cohesive and my backend is taken care of, saving me future work.

Lisa Kotz

I know what you’re thinking…

“This is great, but do you know how to use [insert your preferred platform]?”

Figuring out how to set up and use an application is one of my favourite things to do, which is my way of saying, yes, I can work with [insert your preferred tool].

Here are the platforms I work with the most:

Sounds like what you need?

Book your Systems Alchemy VIP Experience

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

3 x AU$600*

(every 2 weeks)
*This doesn’t include any tools that you may need to register for or upgrade.

“Emilie is an absolute godsend.”

In the lightning-speed, ever-evolving online world, it can be totally overwhelming and perplexing trying to navigate the latest algorithm or knowing which product to select for your booking system (and that’s just the beginning!) During our consultation, and without hesitation, Emilie provided me with a myriad of suggestions to assist with streamlining my online spaces, quick tips to make life easier, and find the most cost-effective options for what I need. She also went away and researched several different products for me to compare and evaluate alongside one another. What Emilie knows and can do (so quickly!) will save you a vast amount of time. Seriously. Free up time to focus on what you do well, and let Emilie help you with what she does so well. She is worth her weight in gold and comes highly recommended from me!

Rebecca Coldicutt
Rebel Starseeds

rebecca coldicutt

“I have a long list of things I’d like you to do…

I don’t think 1 day will be enough.”

Let me start by staying, you’d be surprised what I can do in 7 hours solely focused on your business.

But I also know that once you see the possibilities, you’ll be tempted to add more to the list of things you’d like me to do. Everybody adds a little something! 😉 And that’s OK, that’s what I’m here for.

During your Application call, we’ll go through everything you’d like my help with. This will give me a pretty good idea of how many Implementation Days are required before you hire me. Then it’s up to you how you proceed – you can book all your days at once, one at a time over a few months or just one day. You decide!

And don’t worry, everything will be clearly outlined in a follow-up email so you can make the best decision for you and your business.

miish grixti 3

“I’m entirely BLOWN AWAY by how much impact Emilie has had on my business”

I feel like I’m finally providing my business with what it’s been so desperate for…a way of working that actually allows me to move FORWARD on what I say I want to do instead of feeling sad and frustrated about all the things on the ‘one day’ list.

As well as seeing my bigger business visions come to fruition, I’ve noticed that now I’m able to support my clients better than ever. Streamlined systems and processes that are bespoke to me and my style = a whole lot more flow and ease in my day.

My only regret about working with Emilie is that I didn’t decide sooner.

Miish Grixti

Systems Alchemy isn’t for everybody.

But it’s  perfect for you if:

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You don't want to be locked in into a long-term contract and be constantly looking for work to give your OBM or VA so you don’t feel like you’re wasting your money. You'd rather have an on-demand Systems Strategist by your side – someone who can come in only when needed and quickly work on your systems to make the changes that you need at that point in time.
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You’ve been working with clients for some time and you have an established way of working (although it needs some improvements). You know what you want and what you don’t want and you’re ready to use your new systems as soon as it’s ready.
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You want to collaborate to design your bespoke systems. For me to work my magic, I need some key ingredients that only you can provide ahead of your Implementation Day, during our Deep Dive session and the Information Gathering period. From there, I can create your unique potent systems and processes.
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Things you might be wondering before working with me

How much time do you need from me? Will you need me on Implementation Day?

We’ll meet (virtually) three times:

  1. 30 minutes to review your Application to ensure Systems Alchemy is right for you and give you an estimate on how many Implementation Days I’ll need.
  2. 90 minutes for the Deep Dive to connect with your vision and go into the details of what is needed
  3. 60 minutes for the Showcase to present what I’ve done so you’re confident in using your new systems

You’ll also need to allow time to provide:

  • all the necessary information (such as login details and copy) ahead of the Implementation Day. We’ll agree on a timeline together during the Deep Dive to make sure that you have enough time.
  • feedback after the Showcase to make sure your new systems work for you.

I won’t need you on Implementation Day unless I’m blocked, which might happen because I can’t access one of your platforms.

What kind of information will you need?

It depends on your project but typical projects, such as launches require:

  • Copy for a sales page
  • Copy for welcome sequence, launch emails and onboarding email
  • Images to add to the sales page
  • Access to your platforms (e.g. website, email marketing system) so I can complete the work

But don’t worry, we’ll get a better idea of the type of information that I need during your application call and I’ll provide you with a full list of what’s needed after the Deep Dive. 

Note that, although copy is important, it doesn’t need to be perfect. What’s more important (to complete the work) is a page layout and the number of emails in a sequence. You can always update the copy later. I’ll show you how, of course!

How is this different from hiring an OBM?

Unlike an OBM, I come in and support you “on-demand”, i.e. only when you need me, so you don’t have to keep paying me a retainer just in case you might need my services. Working this way also speeds up the process as I do the work in one full day instead of over a few weeks as a VA or OBM might.

What happens if you don’t get through it all on Implementation Day?

We’ll prioritise what needs to be done during the Deep Dive, so you know exactly what you’ll get ahead of the Implementation Day. Whatever we agree on in the Deep Dive will be done, as long as I have all the information I need.

What if it doesn’t work the way I thought it would?

During the Deep Dive, I’ll ask you a bunch of questions to understand what you need so we’re both clear on what you’ll get at the end of Implementation Day. Sometimes, though, it’s not until you use your systems that you know what you really need. That’s why you have 3 rounds of revisions (including the Showcase) to provide feedback and request small tweaks.

What happens after I click the Apply button?

You’ll be taken to the booking page to book a free call so that I can make sure Systems Alchemy is right for you and assess how many Implementation Days will be required. You will need to answer a few questions before you can book your call.

My systems/tools aren’t listed; can you still help me?
I’ve only listed the most common tools I work with. I work with other platforms too, so please email me the name of your platforms at and I’ll let you know if this is something I can help you with.
I don’t know what tool to use; can you help me?
Advising what tools are best suited for you is something that takes time and research and isn’t part of this offering. If you’d like my help in finding the right platform for you, then please email me at

Still have questions?

Let’s chat

Sounds like what you need?

Book your Systems Alchemy VIP Experience

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

3 x AU$600*

(every 2 weeks)

*This doesn’t include any tools that you may need to register for or upgrade.