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Your day-to-day will look a whole lot different once you have systems and processes that work for you.

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It’s so frustrating being where you are NOW.

You’re stuck between *knowing* that your business operations could function a whole lot smoother…

…but still feeling overwhelmed and seemingly running in circles

…while you try to figure out where to start and what ‘efficient systems and processes’ actually look like for your unique business.

you’re a smart business owner

who’s great at what they do.

You’ve got clients, your business is bringing in money each month, and you know your work is making a difference.

But outside of your client work, things feel like a bit of a mess a total mess.

You’ve heard about systems and apps and programs that your business friends use and even tried working a few of them into your business. 

But they seem to take forever to learn *how* to set them up well enough to see any real benefits! And with everything else on your plate, you end up feeling too frazzled to actually make anything happen.

So before you know it another day in business is over, and instead of making meaningful progress on your to-do list, you realise you’ve spent most of your time…

  • rose gold tickconstantly checking your emails
  • rose gold tickreading articles and blog posts for ‘how-tos’ on building smart systems into your business, (but not actually implementing any of it)
  • rose gold tickand scrolling on social media (which only seems to leave you feeling worse than when you picked up your phone).

Your to-do list (whether you’ve put it down onto paper or created tasks in asana)…well – it isn’t much shorter than it was when your day started.

Friend, I want you to know:

this paralysis and procrastination aren’t your fault

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Wanting to jump back into bed and binge-watch episodes of Jane the Virgin doesn’t make you lazy.
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Created-on-the-fly, Frankenstein’d business operations do not make you a bad business owner.
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Not knowing how to piece together systems and processes that make everything run smoothly and efficiently does NOT make you stupid.

Because here’s the thing…

we don’t learn how to optimise our business to run like a well-oiled machine in school

(at least, that was certainly missing from the French curriculum!).

trust me…

there’s no need to feel ashamed by the state of your business-behind-the-scenes.

Your business will soon look a whole lot different with a clear action plan to create the systems and processes that work for you

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Emilie

I’m a Business Systems Strategist, Intentional Productivity Coach, and ClickUp Alchemist.

I work with changemakers and rulebreakers who want to run their business with ease, fun and focus so they’re free to change the world.

I spent 13 years as a Process Improvement Specialist and IT Analyst, along with running my own coaching and healing business for 8 years before I had an eye-opening, in-person workshop as part of a soulful mastermind. It was then that I realised my superpower – during a session on all things processes and systems.

I asked myself, “what if I could support my sisters to delight their customers, create flow and space, and spend their time doing what lights them up…while I help them streamline and automate all the ‘tech’ that drains them?”

So…I did just that!

Now, I put my skills to use to support changemakers and rulebreakers in creating businesses that flow seamlessly and expand sustainably.

I take a holistic approach to business and weave in my experience as a Certified Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer to empower my clients to be intentionally productive and reach the next level with potent systems and processes.

Emilie Gomez Systems Alchemy VIP Day
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A 90-min Power Session to co-create an actionable plan so you can run your business with ease and fun

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When we work together to create a strategic action plan, you’ll:

  • rose gold tickfind the focus you need to implement systems that will actually work in harmony with your business.
  • rose gold tickknow what to prioritise and why, so you can make the most of the time you spend intentionally building your business operations.
  • rose gold tickhave a clear, systems-expert approved, step-by-step map to take you from where you are, to a streamlined business that runs with ease and flow.

So instead of finishing your client calls and spending your afternoon in confusion and overwhelm (read: scrolling endlessly on Instagram), you’ll open up your action plan and feel capable of taking bite-sized, powerful steps that get jumbo-sized results.

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tracey pattison

“Emilie’s wisdom blew me away”

Within 2 minutes of me explaining the expanding needs of where I needed my social media to be and how I would go about organising it, she had the answers for me. And not just 1 answer, but a few, so that I could then see the options of what types of ways I could choose to workflow my content best, especially given my time restraints as an Entrepreneur and Mother. The post-session emails contain all that was discussed and more – leaving you feeling completely supported and capable of carrying out what is needed.

Tracey Pattison

Systemised includes:

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A comprehensive questionnaire

for you to fill out in your own time before our session, so you can feel comfortable knowing I’ve got all the pieces I need to truly understand your business
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90-min Power Session

A collaborative discussion and expert consultation, based on your answers to the questionnaire, to take stock of where your business is at, where it needs some TLC and where you need to be celebrated for what you’ve already achieved
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to change the stories you’re telling yourself about you and your business and why it can’t grow
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60-min Check-in

to review your progress from the first session, answer any questions you have or adjust your plan, so you feel confident you can implement the plan we co-created
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Personalised and actionable plan

(in Google Docs) so you feel clear, motivated and focused, especially in those moments when you think you have too much to do
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Recording of the sessions

(with transcripts), so you can be fully present during our time together and not worry about taking notes or remembering what I share with you
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Voxer and/or email support in between the two calls, so you can ask me any questions and keep making progress

your investment

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

2 x AU$300

(every 2 weeks)

“Emilie’s approach is warm & intuitive”

From my initial meeting with Emilie, I walked away with actionable and innovative adjustments to the systems in my business all in the space of 20 minutes! Her ability to intuitively understand and hear my needs and then suggest things I didn’t even think of or know about before that have turned out to be invaluable. Emilie was able to review and make changes to my online booking system and workflow that are now helping me to level up in my business and has saved me so much time and stress! Emilie’s approach is warm, intuitive and fluid and also is extremely thorough, prompt and detail-oriented. I can’t recommend her services enough. Thank you so much, Emilie!

Lisa Kotz

lisa kotz

Systemised isn’t for everybody.

You might want to give it a miss if…

  • rose gold crossYou already have a work management tool, and you love it. Don't fix what ain't broken!
  • rose gold crossYou just want to learn my systems and use them in your own work management tool. What I teach is specific to ClickUp and won't work anywhere else (because… ClickUp is the best! #kiddingnotkidding)
  • rose gold crossYou're looking for templates that you can use out of the box. CEO Ignited has templates… and much more. It's about unlocking the way you function so that you can set up ClickUp to support you.
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On the other hand, it’s perfect for you if…

  • rose gold tickYou're committed to doing the internal work and the external work so you can uncover the way you operate and set up ClickUp to support you in running your business.
  • rose gold tickYou've been in business for some time, and you have established ways of working - they simply need to be systemised and organised.
  • rose gold tickYou've been using ClickUp (or any other work management tool) as a giant to-do list, and you're not making the most of all the powerful features.
bec coldicutt

“Emilie is an absolute godsend.”

In the lightning-speed, ever-evolving online world, it can be totally overwhelming and perplexing trying to navigate the latest algorithm or knowing which product to select for your booking system (and that’s just the beginning!) During our consultation, and without hesitation, Emilie provided me with a myriad of suggestions to assist with streamlining my online spaces, quick tips to make life easier, and find the most cost-effective options for what I need. She also went away and researched several different products for me to compare and evaluate alongside one another. What Emilie knows and can do (so quickly!) will save you a vast amount of time. Seriously. Free up time to focus on what you do well, and let Emilie help you with what she does so well. She is worth her weight in gold and comes highly recommended from me!

Rebecca Coldicutt
Rebel Starseeds

Questions you might have before
booking your Systemised Power Session

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How much time do I need to fill out the questionnaire?

I know you’re a busy bee and filling out a questionnaire is the last thing on your mind! But this questionnaire has been intentionally designed to help us make the most of our 90 minutes together. It’s a bit like journaling about your business…you know how the more you write, the more clarity you get? Well, this is the same; it will help us get to the heart of the matter much faster! So set 20 minutes aside, make a cup of your favourite drink, light a candle and type away!

How much time do I need to implement this action plan?

The plan will focus on the next 3 months. During our 90-min session, we’ll break down each step into quick, actionable chunks, so that you can make meaningful progress on a regular basis.

What tangible results will I see?

It depends on where your business is at right now, but after you implement your personalised roadmap, your business operations will be more organised and hands-off. This means you’ll have more time to work in your zone of genius. You can expect to find that you’re less overwhelmed by the day-to-day stuff and have more time to create content or make connections on social media.

Will I get more clients?

During our session, we’ll talk about the systems and processes you can put in place to make sure you delight your existing customers (and turn them into returning customers) and how you can follow up with prospective leads in a timely fashion (and ensure a higher conversion rate).

Still have questions?

Let’s chat

Let’s systemise your business!

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

2 x AU$300

(every 2 weeks)