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Uncover the way you operate so you can get intentionally productive, run your business with ease & elevate your mindset

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Your business is growing,

…and so is your to-do list.

You love your business and serving your clients, but you wish it was easier.

Deep down, you’re starting to resent your business for taking all the joy out of working your magic.

It’s feeling harder and harder to keep on top of everything. Things are starting to fall through the cracks, you’re taking longer to reply to clients, and you keep putting off the launch of your course.

You feel so overwhelmed right now.

to get out of your funk,

you convince yourself that working on small tasks – those that don’t get you closer to your goals, such as updating your IG bio for the tenth time this month – will motivate you to tackle the bigger ones – like working on the sales page for your upcoming course.

So you push through and tick a few things off your giant to-do list. It gives you the instant satisfaction that you’ve done something today, but it didn’t create the momentum you were looking for. You’ve spent the whole day doing menial tasks, and it doesn’t make you feel good. You feel like you’ve procrastinated once again.

You enrol in a mastermind with the hope that you’ll finally get the accountability and motivation that you need to work on your business. But you end up with even more work and more things to do, and you’ve strayed so far away from your goals. To help you get back on track, your business coach tells you to sign up for Asana because it “changed their whole business”, and so you do.

You really want to make this work, so you watch videos online, enrol in free courses and end up with a bunch of templates that look very nice, making Asana all pretty to look at. But “looking pretty” isn’t enough. You don’t know how to use those templates, so you revert to using Asana as your giant to-do list – or worse, you drop it altogether, making you feel like a failure in the process.

Friend, you’re not a failure.
There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing at all.


The thing is:

You’ve been focusing too much on finding ways to “fix” yourself to make you more organised or productive without understanding how you operate.


Being unable to make these strategies and systems work for you doesn’t mean anything about you and your ability as a business owner.

Case in point:
you’re a successful business owner already.

You don’t need:

  • blue crossmore self-loathing about your inability to be organised or get on top of your to-do list.
  • blue crossmore books to read, apps to use and strategies to implement that seem to work for everybody except you.
  • blue crossmore tools to systemise and automate your business that only make it more complex and overwhelming to run.
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What you need instead:

Uncover the way you function

so you can

  • neutral tickbe intentionally productive
  • neutral tickrun your business with ease, fun and focus
  • neutral tickbe free and fired up to actualise your vision for the world.
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You wake up tomorrow morning and you know:

  • mustard tickwhat to work because you created a weekly plan and prioritised what will take you closer to your goals.
  • mustard tickhow to do all those tasks because everything is nicely documented and easy to refer to.
  • mustard tickwhere to find any piece of information related to your business because everything is in one place, and you don't have to remember the name of a thousand apps.
  • mustard tickwhat to post on social media because you have a clear content schedule, and all your content is written in advance.
  • mustard tickwhat the next step is with each client because you have a clear view of where everyone is at and what you need to do next.
  • mustard tickyou can scale your business with ease because you have the foundation in place to support you.
  • mustard tickyou'll spend more time in your zone of genius because you've created the container to support you.
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Friend, this isn’t a dream. It is possible.

That’s exactly how my clients and I feel (almost) every day!

And I want this for you too because the world needs you and your magic.

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Emilie

(aka Em, Your Intentional Productivity Coach)


In 2019, I found ClickUp, and it was love at first sight.

I finally could do all the things I wanted to do to run my business my way.

I’ve since helped clients do the same and set up ClickUp so they could be intentionally productive and feel more focused.

In the process, I’ve created systems, processes and templates to transform ClickUp into your business hub and make running your business easier so that you can spend more time in your zone of genius and working on making your big vision a reality.

It’s time to set a solid foundation and simplify your business so you can scale your business sustainably.

I’m here to show you how to harness the power of ClickUp to do just that.

Emilie Gomez Systems Alchemy VIP Day
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I’d like to invite you to…

ceo ignited


A 1:1 coaching experience to uncover the way you operate so you can get intentionally productive, run your business with ease & elevate your mindset

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After 12 weeks together (just you + me),

  • magenta tickyou'll emerge knowing yourself and how you operate so you can stop that nasty little voice that tells you you have no idea what you're doing
  • magenta tickyou'll feel empowered to run your business the way you see fit - instead of taking on everybody's feedback - and feeling like the CEO you were born to be.
  • magenta tickyou'll feel more confident about your ability to run your business and know that it can be easy and fun.
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“I’m entirely BLOWN AWAY by how much impact Emilie has had on my business.”

I feel like I’m finally providing my business with what it’s been so desperate for…a way of working that actually allows me to move FORWARD on what I say I want to do instead of feeling sad and frustrated about all the things on the ‘one day’ list.

As well as seeing my bigger business visions come to fruition, I’ve noticed that now I’m able to support my clients better than ever. Streamlined systems and processes that are bespoke to me and my style = a whole lot more flow and ease in my day.

My only regret about working with Emilie is that I didn’t decide sooner.

Miish Grixti

Here’s the  process we’ll follow:

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Getting To Love Structure

Uncover your mindset and beliefs around structure so you can stop fighting against having systems and instead create a container that supports you every single day.
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Organised for Success

Let's get you organised so you find what you're looking for in a tick. You'll discover how your brain compartmentalises your work and how to recreate the same structure in ClickUp so that you spend less time managing your platform and more time actually doing the work.
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Intentional Productivity

You don't have to hustle to be productive. It's all about being intentional and being clear on what you want to achieve, so let's create that clarity with a daily, weekly and monthly plan, so you know what you're working on at any point in time and know when to say "No more".
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Unveiling Your Business Hub

Forget about all the journals, apps, docs, spreadsheets, notes… Let's bring it all together in one place, so managing your business becomes a matter of a couple of clicks instead of hours of searching for that document you're sure you wrote but can't remember where it's saved.
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Creating Content With Ease

Let's define your content creation process and set up ClickUp to support you every step of the way – from the moment you have an idea to the moment you repurpose that post – so you can finally be visible online in a way that feels right for you.
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Simplified Client Management

Easily manage your clients – from the moment they say "yes" until they say "goodbye" (and beyond) – so that nothing falls through the cracks again and your clients feel fully supported throughout their time with you.

Here’s what’s  included :

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6 modules

Modules are divided into a series of bite-sized videos + text lessons to walk you through the various concepts and how to implement them in ClickUp. They also include workbooks to help you uncover how these concepts apply to you and your business. You’ll get access to all 6 modules when you enrol so you can move through the content at your own pace.
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6 x 1:1 coaching calls

6 x 60 minutes together, so you can ask ALL your questions - about the content, how to customise a template for your business or how to do something specific to match your process and your way of working.
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Templates are a great starting point to help you visualise how things can be done. They are NOT a cookie-cutter approach. You will most likely need to customise them (with guidance from me through a series of videos and during our calls), so they suit your processes.
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Behind-the-scenes videos

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of inspiration. I'll share how I use ClickUp in my business to show you what's possible and help you decide how you want it to work for your business.
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3 x monthly virtual circles

You’re invited to join me and past and present Igniters in our monthly virtual co-working circles (on Zoom).

These 2-hour circles are the perfect time to implement what we’ve discussed in our coaching calls.

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Email support

I’m here to help you. You can reach out to me via email in between calls to ask for clarification or simply share your thoughts and aha moments.

On top of all of this,

you’ll also get these 3 bonus classes

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plan your next launch

Launches have many moving parts, but ClickUp makes it easy to stay on top of everything. On top of everything you’ve already learned, you’ll discover how to use milestones and timelines to plan your launch and make sure you don’t burn yourself out before it even starts.

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manage your life

Everything you’ve learned can be applied to your personal life as well. I’ll show you specific examples of how you can use ClickUp to manage your life without mixing it with your business and without your team knowing everything about you!

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work with a team

ClickUp has many features to help you leverage the brain trust of your team and make working together a breeze. You’ll discover how to collaborate better with your team using chat, automation and delegation while ensuring you don’t overload them with information and things they don’t need to know.

and 3 guest masterclasses

to support you on your self-discovery journey
maree eddings ceo ignited guest
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Maree Eddings

Balance Your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energy
kelly paris ceo ignited guest
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Kelly Paris

Unpack Your Internalised Ableism & Create Your Own Success Framework
michaela rosandich ceo ignited guest
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Michaela Rosandich

Harness Your Cycle Superpowers

These classes are pre-recorded and are available to watch at any time during our 12 weeks together.

jean sum 1

“Emilie has immense capabilities to fastrack and put the building blocks in place very quickly”

When I found Emilie, I was looking for a heart-led woman to support me with the technical aspect of my business. I was transitioning from pro bono to a business model and wanted to create a paid mentoring program and a supportive community for Asian-Australian Women. Emilie very quickly connected with my vision and understood my approach to use tools created by more socially conscious companies.

Emilie guided me in shaping my thinking around the next stage of Sum of Jean, and created the system to support me in this transition. My backend systems work beautifully together and are scalable. Things I’d never thought of are in place, and I can now grow my business with the knowing that the systems and processes will enable this. The booking and video conference systems talk seamlessly, and it feels professional when women can just book in and everything is set up.

Jean Sum

join ceo ignited

and run your business your way

Pay in Full

Save AU$100


Payment Plan


3 x AU$700

“I feel much more organised”

When I reached out to Emilie, I was struggling to take intentional action in my business. I’d just finished a mastermind to support me heading in a new direction in my business but I still felt scattered about how to actually implement my new strategy.

Throughout the program, Emilie made me feel heard and supported me to find systems and processes that work for me. She acknowledged that we all have different ways of working and encouraged me to honour my uniqueness instead of trying to fit me around a particular system.

Now that I’ve completed the program, things in my business feel easier. I’ve mapped out my processes so I can support my audience and customers in a way that feel good to me. And I’ve implemented systems that are helping to free up my brain and make me more productive in my business (& life!).

I feel much more organised already and have a plan to make things even more streamlined in future.

Sarah McLean
Proud Happy Brave

Sarah McLean from Proud Happy Brave

I know what you’re thinking:

Can’t I just figure it out on my own?

Probably… if you have lots of time on your hands and you’re a nerd when it comes to learning how to use a new platform.

But the feedback I get from most people when I mention ClickUp is that it’s overwhelming, and they don’t know what to do with all the features.

So they just give up.

If you want to do it on your own, you will find a plethora of resources. But guess what? They are generic. You’ll still need to figure out how to adapt them to your business.

Plus, CEO Ignited goes beyond just implementing ClickUp for your business. It’s about uncovering how you function so that you can set up ClickUp to support you in running your business.

This isn’t a quick process.

We really need 12 weeks to get your work management platform ready.

Here’s what I’ve learned from going through this process 1:1 with clients who have resisted having systems in place for so long:

Learning a new tool and a new way of working takes time.

But, when you take the time to implement it the right way (which I’ll teach you in CEO Ignited), you speed up the process. This means that in 3 months from now, you’ll have a way of running your business that suits you instead of a Frankenstein tool that you avoid at all cost and that you’re tempted to replace with pen and paper.

Overloading your brain with more things to do and remember isn’t going to help you move the needle. Instead, you need to give yourself (and your brain) time to absorb, learn, implement, and adapt.

I know you know this but building a new habit takes time – 66 days on average (yep, not 21!).

And this is no different. What you’ll learn in CEO Ignited goes beyond having new systems and tools for your business. It’s also about creating new habits to ensure you use those systems consistently until it becomes second nature.

So give yourself and your business the gift of a season – a whole 3 months – to move you from…

overwhelmed, scattered and frustrated


grounded, focused and intentionally productive

…so that you get the right support to uncover your way of working and translate it into a tool that you’ll actually use.

You’re still here…

so I’m guessing you’re wondering if this is the right move for your business right now.

You can see how having systems and the right tools could make running your business so much easier and more sustainable.

BUT you simply don’t have the time right now. You’re too busy…

  • mustard asteriskwith clients
  • mustard asteriskdoing all the things to launch your new program
  • mustard asteriskcreating loads of content for social media
  • mustard asteriskdoing the homework your marketing or business coach gave you
  • mustard asteriskwith life

Deep down, you know that you probably could find the time if you were more organised and had better systems. But it’s not your priority right now. You simply don’t have the headspace for this at the minute.

But let’s be honest – will you ever feel like it’s the perfect time?

And if you continue at this pace, will you be able to grow your business without burning yourself out?

And despite what your business coach might tell you, simply signing up for Asana (or whatever work management platform you decide to use) isn’t enough.

This is actually a recipe for disaster and more overwhelm.

Yes, you need tools and systems. But what you need most is to understand how YOU work to create a container that will support you and your business as it grows.

This is what investing in yourself and your business means. It’s not just about investing in things that will bring you more clients.

It’s investing in the tools, strategies and backend systems that will set a strong foundation and support your marketing so that you can bring in more clients and scale sustainably.

CEO Ignited isn’t for everybody.

You might want to give it a miss if…

  • neutral crossYou already have a work management tool, and you love it. Don't fix what ain't broken!
  • neutral crossYou just want to learn my systems and use them in your own work management tool. What I teach is specific to ClickUp and won't work anywhere else (because… ClickUp is the best! #kiddingnotkidding)
  • neutral crossYou're looking for templates that you can use out of the box. CEO Ignited has templates… and much more. It's about unlocking the way you function so that you can set up ClickUp to support you.
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On the other hand, it’s perfect for you if…

  • neutral tickYou're committed to doing the internal work and the external work so you can uncover the way you operate and set up ClickUp to support you in running your business.
  • neutral tickYou've been in business for some time, and you have established ways of working - they simply need to be systemised and organised.
  • neutral tickYou've been using ClickUp (or any other work management tool) as a giant to-do list, and you're not making the most of all the powerful features.

Questions you might have before enrolling in CEO Ignited

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Do I need a paid ClickUp account?

No. Everything that I share can be done on a free plan. However, some features, such as custom fields, have a limited number of uses on the free plan, and you’ll need to upgrade if you want to keep using them.

FYI, custom fields are the reason why I upgraded my account and also the reason why I love ClickUp so much. I can do everything I want thanks to custom fields.

Full pricing here.

If you decide to upgrade, you can get 15% off the first year, using my referral link.

What times are the calls?

Because this is a 1:1 program, you can select a time that works for you.

Calls are usually on Monday afternoon or Wednesday morning (AEST/AEDT Sydney), but if these don’t work for you, we’ll find another time!

Co-working circles are on the last Thursday of the month at 8:30 am AEST/AEDT Sydney.

How much time do I need to set aside?

You’ll need time to go through the content of each module, fill out the workbooks and then play in ClickUp. A couple of hours should be enough for each module.

Plus, we have 6 x 60-min coaching calls.

What happens after I enrol?

You’ll be asked to create a Teachable account (or sign in with an existing one). You’ll get access to the handbook and all the course content (i.e, the 6 modules, the bonuses and the guest masterclasses) straight away.

You’ll also get a Welcome email.

Still have questions?

Let’s chat

It’s time to be intentionally productive and actualise your vision for the world.

The world needs you.

Pay in Full

Save AU$100


Payment Plan


3 x AU$700