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18 January 2022

Happy Full Moon!

Let’s get one thing straight – I know very little about astrology. I’d love to understand more and have read many books to that effect, but the information doesn’t stick. I guess it’s not my path.

But one thing I know is that today, the New Moon is in Cancer, and Cancer is in my first house – the house of appearance, image and self-identity.

Today is also my Personal Day #5, and January is my Personal Month #5 – 5 is about change.

So it feels like the perfect day to unveil my new website created by Studio La Luna with the branding from Aleph Studio.


At the start of 2021, I knew I wanted to visually rebrand my business. I’d been following Michelle (Aleph Studio) for a while, and I knew I wanted to hire her. But I could never bring myself to reach out and start the conversation.

You may recall that I had an epiphany around May last year. I realised I didn’t know how to articulate what I do. That’s when the rebranding really started, with words. Once I finished my work with Katherine from The Content Cauldron, I was finally ready to talk to Michelle.

We started in September, three months after our initial chat. This wait was beneficial and helped me dig deeper and refine my mission and brand further. 

Michelle works with archetypes. Although I’d worked with branding archetypes before, we went deeper. I’m:

  • an Alchemist (turning a mess into a miracle)
  • a Creative Engineer (finding creative and practical solutions)
  • a Companion (trusted support)

Hearing Michelle describe me in those terms was life-affirming.


As Michelle was finalising the new brand, Lillie (Studio La Luna) started on the website. Every new element from Michelle or Lillie made me fall in love with my brand even more.

At the end of November, I got madly busy updating my ebooks and other resources to the point of giving myself a wrist injury.

Lillie completed her part of the process a week before Christmas. I thought I’d need a day to add the remaining bits and pieces, and we’d be good to launch the new site. Oh, how wrong I was! It took me a lot longer (still nursing a wrist injury). But I finally got there, and so here it is, my brand new website.

The content is (mostly) the same. There will be more blog posts coming soon. There’s also one more page – my DEI Statement or Belonging Statement, as I prefer to call it. This is the term used by Brene Brown, and I liked it. I’ll share more on how it came to my next post.

For now, I just want to celebrate this new milestone with you. And to do that, I’d like to offer you 15% off my products and services. The discount is already applied at the checkout. It’s valid until 31 Jan 2022, 5 pm AEDT (Sydney).

I hope you love the new site and branding as much as I do.


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I’m a Business Systems Strategist, Intuitive Problem Solver & ClickUp Alchemist. I work with changemakers and rulebreakers who want to run their business with ease, fun and focus so they’re free to change the world.