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02 February 2022

Happy Lunar New Year!

Do you set an intention at the new moon? I’ve done it sporadically in the past. But this year, I’m experimenting with doing it every cycle as I plan (my life and business) with the moon rather than the Gregorian calendar.

My intention for the last lunar cycle was to feel connected. And this year, I’m craving to be in circle more.

So I’ve decided to open the Implementation Circles to everyone, not just the participants in CEO Ignited, my 1:1 Intentional Productivity coaching program.

I started these circles because I noticed when I’m enrolled in programs that it’s easy to get through the content, but it’s more challenging to find time in an already tight schedule to do the work (i.e. the implementation). I don’t want CEO Ignited to be another theoretical program. I want the participants to reap the rewards. So the Implementation Circle is the opportunity, once a month, to dedicate a couple of hours to doing the work and implementing what they’ve learnt.

But the same applies to anything in your business. You want to improve your systems or the way you work, but you never really spend the time to do it because you’re too busy.

So my invitation to you is to join us, on zoom, on the second Wednesday of every month for our Implementation Circles. Each circle is 2 hours.

  • We’ll spend the first 15 minutes sharing our intention with the group.
  • You’ll have 90 minutes to work on it.
  • We’ll come back together for 15 min at the end to share our progress and anything that came up, and of course, celebrate each other.
  • You’ll be able to ask me any questions at any time during the circle, so you don’t stay stuck if you don’t know how to do something or how to proceed.

The focus* of these Implementation Circles is: 

  • Intentional Productivity
  • Productivity systems
  • Project management tools like ClickUp and Asana

To ensure everyone has an opportunity to share and ask questions (and we have enough time for implementation! 😉), the circles are limited to 6 people.

If you’d like to join us (on Zoom), you can book your spot here for AU$40. You can attend your first circle for FREE using code FIRSTCIRCLE at checkout.

I look forward to seeing you there.
*If you like the idea of an Implementation Circle, but you’d prefer a more generic one around ANY systems and applications (like Dubsado), please let me know in this 4-question survey.


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I’m a Business Systems Strategist, Intuitive Problem Solver & ClickUp Alchemist. I work with changemakers and rulebreakers who want to run their business with ease, fun and focus so they’re free to change the world.