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Tips and “how to” articles to help you become intentionally productive and systemise your business so that you can create a business that flows seamlessly and expands sustainably.


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How To Map Out Your Customer Journey

How To Map Out Your Customer Journey

So you want to launch your brand new program. You know what you need to do - run a webinar, send a few emails and run some Facebook ads. It's not that hard. Wrong! A launch has many moving parts, and you don't want to miss any. To ensure your launch goes as smoothly as possible, you need to understand the experience you are creating for your potential clients, i.e. your customer journey.

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Sacred Business Podcast Episode 21 with Emilie Gomez about Stepping Into Entrepreneurship
Stepping Into Entrepreneurship

Stepping Into Entrepreneurship

Listen to my interview in Sora Surya No’s Sacred Business Podcast, where we discuss my transition from the corporate world into entrepreneurship - from my first coaching and healing practice to my current business, helping womxn coaches and healers build businesses that grow with ease and flow.

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